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Around 2011 A.D. my love of comics morphed into something of a career goal and I quickly, serendipitously, ended up writing for Comics Bulletin, a long-running news and review site. Here is a smattering of some of my favorite pieces from those halcyon days.

An editor sent me a copy of this GN by Europeon creator Hermann and the read proved rewarding. Both patient and brisk in its storyelling it shifted my perspective on the forms of function of comicking.
I review an issue of one of the best modern superhero runs at its height.  
Landing a pull quote takes a touch of huckerism and lot of luck. I certainly did not expect to get one for Sin Titulo, Cameron Stewart’s surreal webcomic about a man’s trippy recurring dream. 
Video games are GREAT fun, but damn they’re a time absorber. I try to fit them in, and I might as well write about them when I do. I tear a subpar Spidey game to bits in this one.
This early ‘10s indy comic caught got my attention, and I still think of it as a great example of concept meeting execution.
The kickoff to DC’s Rebirth era is one of the best single issue endeavours I’ve ever read. 
My collegue and I wax poetic about galatic adventuerer Heath Huston.
This here is a deep(ish) dive into a fairly inconspicuous Si Spurrier series that dropped a few years back.
Ends are a funny thing😔
There are a vast universe of interesting and bullishly good comics out in the ether and there’s not enough time to nod to them all. Here’s one time I tried.
My favorite comic run of all time is Suicide Squad by Ostrander/Yale/McDonnell/many others. It’s truly transcendent work that syngerzied expert plotting, character work, visual narratives and badass bad guys. I finally got to write about it when the CB staff and I highlighted some of the very best issues. 
Another Squad piece, this time a character profile on forgotten soldier Rick Flag.
Up until a few years ago I had never seen 12 Monkeys! A veteran movie connoisseur schools me in the ways of GIlliam in this fun back-and-forth posted on CB’s sister site, Psycho Drive-In.
Being a legit TV critic has to be wild work. Stitching together thoughtful content just hours after an episode airs is stupid hard. In this write-up I feverishly try to address the finale, and creative legacy, of Dexter. I ramble a bit, I mean it was hard not to when trying to cover a body of work encompassing a hundred hours, but I think I managed to slice through the BS.